woensdag 13 mei 2009

Audrina shares her beach body tips!

Ik vond een paar handige zomer tips & tricks van Audrina Patridge, uit The Hills. Komt ie;;

Summer is just around the corner, and I can't wait to start spending time at the beach. I also can't wait to start having pool parties and BBQ's. A lot of people ask me how I get bikini ready, so I thought it'd be fun to post some tips & tricks, not only for girls but for GUYS too (yes, that's right guys, there is some preparation involved before you hit the beach).

1. Get a little color ahead of time: if you haven't seen the sun all winter, self tanner works wonders! I always feel skinnier when I have a little glow. You can apply yourself, or go get a spray tan.

2. Wear sunscreen! Nobody looks good when they're burnt to a crisp. It's important to have a good SPF on, even if you want to tan!

3. Ladies: shave or wax! Make sure you are well groomed!

4. Men - the same goes for you. Mind your "man fur." Nobody wants to see an overgrown guy out on the beach. I know a lot of guys who use the Philips Norelco Bodygroom; It's a safe and easy way for guys to groom. Trust me, ladies like 'smooth guys' (and I'm not talking about good pickup lines). Visit ShaveEverywhere.com to watch some crazy videos and for a little grooming guidance.

5. Make sure your bathing suit fits! If you're sure that your top/bottom will stay on, whether you're playing in the waves, throwing around a Frisbee, or playing volleyball, you'll be confident, comfortable and relaxed. Also, do a see-thru test first (especially with white, or light colored bathing suits). Nobody wants to get wet and realize their suit is sheer!

6. Get a great hat! It's a great way to extend the day. When you feel like you've gotten a little too much sun (or your hair is a disaster from the ocean) throw on your hat, and continue to enjoy yourself!

I hope you all have fun getting ready for these warmer months! I know I am! And as always...be safe!

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